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iTop VPN Browser is a browser with built-in VPN to help you stay safe and private online. Protect you from attacks, tracking and censorship.

iTop VPN Browser - Best Free Browser with Built-in VPN

Explore Benefits of iTop VPN Browser

iTop VPN Browser empowers you to browse any website securely. No matter where you’re, at school or workplace, at home or café, at local or abroad, the protection system starts working at the moment you open a page.

Built-in VPN

VPN Browser Free

Built-in VPN

Designed as a free VPN browser, iTop VPN Browser takes full advantage of virtual private network to encrypt data, bypass surveillance and defense against any online threat.

  • Private Access

    Employ military-grade encryption to hide all clicks and secure sensitive data online. Surf the web anonymously, privately and prevent online tracking.

  • Websites Unblocker

    Quick access restricted content anywhere. Freely unblock Netflix, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc., bypassing geo-blocking and other restrictions.

  • Global Connection

    Deploy 1800+ high-quality VPN servers in 100+ locations around the world. Drive you to enjoy international network connection in just one click.

  • No-log VPN

    iTop VPN Browser never logs your activities and collects your information, such as browsing history, username/password or more. Nothing will be exposed online.

Security Toolkits

iTop VPN Browser offers enhanced security with all-sided toolkits. Build a cleaner and healthier internet for you.

Security Toolkits

iTop VPN Browser Is More Than Just a Browser

iTop VPN Browser integrates browser with VPN features to deliver extremely safe experience for online surfing. Get more benefits from the best free VPN browser.

Safeguard Internet with VPN Browser

Comprehensive Internet Security

Embed free VPN and an array of security tools to hide your IP and activities. Browse online contents without worrying about threats or interruptions. Hackers, cybercriminals or malware are unable to attack you.

Deeper Privacy Protection

Sensitive information, like ID, password, payment account can be deeply masked using iTop VPN browser. Your privacy is classified. No one can record and steal your data.

Protect Privacy with VPN Browser
Fast Browse the Web with VPN Browser

Faster Web Browsing

iTop VPN Browser optimizes network schemes to greatly speed up internet connection. You can browse, watch and download content from websites smoother. Page loading time is also dramatically enhanced for that annoying ads are blocked.

VPN Browser FAQs

Why Should You Use iTop VPN Browser?

iTop VPN Browser is designed as a reliable VPN browser free which aims to offer the most secure and private environment while browsing the web. Thanks to the advanced technology on data encryption and protection, this browser with built-in VPN unboxes the power to prevent from being hacked, tracked and stalked. On the other hand, it can break restrictions enabling you to browse blocked websites. With iTop VPN Browser, you can enjoy the internet more securely and freely.

How to Set up iTop VPN Browser?

It is easy to set up iTop VPN Browser, in only 3 steps.

Step 1. Download and Launch iTop VPN Browser.

Step 2. Select a server and click Connect.

Step 3. Turn on/off Anti-tracking, Ad Blocker, Surfing Protection at will.

Will iTop VPN Browser Keep Your Information?


iTop VPN Browser is a no-log VPN browser that will not collect or record any of your information, including browsing history, your profile, your IP, your clicks online and more.

What Platform Does iTop VPN Browser Support?

iTop VPN Browser is now fully compatible with 64-bit Windows, including Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8 and Windows 7. More supported platforms will be soon updated.

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